Photographer:Various | A collage of Formia's trip images.
14 Oct / 2006Program by:
Language: English

LIVE from Formia

This event has been broadcast live and recorded.
The first milestone!
A successful connection between the participants at the AVI meeting in Formia, Italy with AurovilleRadio in Town Hall took place on Saturday 14 October.
Daniel and Andrea, Marco and Samuel have put in countless hours of time clearing the pathways to make this connection possible.
And Kias, the technician of Town Hall’s computer system, gave assistance as well.
How incredible to be able to sit here in Town Hall and clearly hear the voices of Marc Luycx, Kathy, Shankar, midst the background sounds of Italy conversing with Mauna plus the few of us who were present for this momentous occasion.
Joy’s chanting of Mother’s mantra accompanied by Maurizio and Agni on guitar created a peaceful space for all.
But what does this mean for us? The possibilities seem to be great and wide-reaching.
AurovilleRadio, although yet in its infancy one may say, will continue to grow, dynamically expand under the creatively capable hands of Andrea and Daniel, both of whom are dedicated to the ideals of Auroville.
We are quite grateful to these two for putting their hearts into making AurovilleRadio a happening thing.


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