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18 Feb / 2016Program by:
Featured: JesseLanguage: English

Live Love, the Mother’s BD

Featuring an excerpt of interview with Anna and Jesse inviting us to a Kalabhumi Festival: We Love Alive! Saturday February 20th . Line up for music (with more possible surprises) Kranti blues band and Margherita’s band, the Jipmer students fusion band, Anna Taj and The Therapists, Amando and Dhani rock band, Dj Jesse.. …midnight we’ll celebrate the Mother’s birthday in silence.

Saturday, February 20th. 8pm at Creativity, Hall of Light Atma Naad – The Sound of the Soul .

Saturday , February 20,th at 7:30 pm Unity Pavilion Songs & Poems of Kabir.

Sunday, February 21st at Unity Pavilion First Full Moon Festival Celebrating the First Full Moon of the Lunar Calendar through a fundraiser for the Northeast Asian Centre.
Mother’s Birthday at the Matrimandir – 21st morning meditation, afternoon 5.45 pm Vedic Chanting and meditation by the Chanting Group of Auroville at the Mini Amphitheatre in the Garden of Unity.
Monday 22nd Monday, 5.30 pm A meditative concert By Jean Christophe Bonnafous on Bansuri (the Indian flute) and Indre Jurgeleviciute: on the ‘Lithuanian Harp and voice.
Wednesday,24th at 5.30 pm ‘Flame of Love’ Russian Singing Bells by Vera .

At every moment may our attitude be such that Thy divine Will may determine our choice and that thus it may be Thou who directest our entire life.
The Mother

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