Photographer:Living Routes | Living Routes Students on Arunachula Mountain Photographer:Clayton Lewis | Living Routes Auroville Spring 2011
09 Feb / 2012Program by:

Living Routes Auroville

Living Routes is a university accredited study abroad program in sustainability studies. By offering students the opportunity to actively live and study in communities across the globe that are striving to live more ethical, just and sustainable lifestyles, Living Routes provides students with ideal campuses to learn and experience personal and community-based solutions to real world issues. After more than 12 years in Auroville, Living Routes Auroville – Integral Sustainability continues to be a strong presence within the Auroville community.

I took the opportunity to interview some of this year’s Living Routes participants about their perceptions of the program. After a decent amount of time spent building a relationship with the Auroville community, I was curious to see how much of an impact Auroville has had on students thus far.