Photographer:Divya | Loretta with students at the Tibetan Pavilion Photographer:Divya | Loretta Photographer:Divya | Students at Tibetan Pavilion
15 Feb / 2012Program by:
Featured: LorettaLanguage: English

Loretta at Tibetan Pavilion

Loretta, an Aurovillian since 1972, interacted with students at the Tibetan Pavilion. She introduced them to the life and teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, and to an extent, also demystified the concepts such as ‘consciousness’, ‘aspiration’, ‘supra-mental’ and ‘transformation’. Some insightful questions were put up by students and Loretta explained more about Sri Aurobindo’s life, books written by him and the Mother, their vision of the future and much more.