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05 Jan / 2011Program by:

L`Orfeo in India, The Opera

Mallika Sarabhai and her Darpana Theatre Group, Ahmedabad in collaboration with Les Autres Musictheatre, Amsterdam presented ‘L’Orfeo’ in India’ an intense Indian-European fusion opera at the Bharat Niwas on Wednesday, 7:30 P.M. Adapted from the Opera, L’Orfeo by Claudio Monteverdi, Director Miranda Lakerveld, Mallika Sarabai and Composer Ned McGowan have created a performance in which European and Indian musicians, singers and dancers are equally present. It tells the story of a tragic hero from Greek Mythology who transcends different world yearning for Lost love. The opera featuring riveting performances from Revanta Sarabhai/Arnout Lems as Orfeo and others made it an evening to remember.

Orfeo, as we are told in the opera, is a man living inside opposites. He is half human, half God, both connected to pagan rituals and the Christian realm, able to travel between the world of living and the world of dead. In this piece, through its symbols, the figure of Orfeo shows us that we can live in different realms and thus create an understanding.


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