Photographer:Chloe | Earth Day Team
16 Apr / 2010Program by:

Love letter from Pondi Dump

A postcard campaign is being launched for Earth Day to seek the help of the Indian President to stop the burning of solid waste and establish proper separation in the Pondi Dump site. Postage paid postcards, for your personal message, are available on the Earth Day table outside solar Kitchen on Friday 16th and Saturday 17th, these will be posted together with those from Auroville schools and villagers and schools in Edayanchavadi and Mooratandi villages, all planned to arrive on the President’s doorstep on Earth day, April 22nd.

The cards will be photocopied and a report on this campaign will be sent to: The chief minister of Pondicherry, the chief minister of Tamil Nadu and the chairman of the Auroville Governing Board, Karan Singh. This initiative was the idea of the Edayanchavadi Saral Youth Club, your support in making this cross community, campaign effective is be greatly appreciated.