Photographer:Alma | Nazca tonight at 7pm at Solitude Farm Photographer:web | Sarang Festival Photographer:Didier | Kalabhumi Festival of Love Photographer:Alma | Sankalpa - inauguration on Saturday at 8pm Photographer:web | 7th Panorama of Indian Contermporary Cinema Photographer:web | 7th Panorama of Indian Contermporary Cinema
12 Feb / 2015Program by:
Featured: KrupaLanguage: English

Love, Music, Art

Featuring Jesse inviting us on Kalabhumi Festival on Saturday from 3.30pm,
and Krupa who will inaugurate Sankalpa Art CenterHe(art) center: A Labor of Love at International Zone, next to Pavilion of Tibetan Culture.
at 6 pm within Sarang festival of Bharat Nivas, Pavilion of India, International Zone we can participate to A workshop on Carnatic Music
At Solitude Farm at 7 pm Nazca, a rock band (Blanc-Blanc Vocals, Eric Carrre Drums, Seb OHaro Bass, Xavier Bonneville Guitars from) Reunion Island., and tomorrow The Fertilians also at 7pm with spicy mix of European folk music.
MMC on Saturday at 4pm Marc and Matilde will share with us the experiences from recent trip to South America, and their experience at coffee plantations.

It is therefore through the sacrifice of love, works and knowledge with the psychic being as the leader and priest of the sacrifice that life itself can be transformed into its own true spiritual figure.

Sri Aurobindo

The Synthesis of Yoga


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