Photographer:Francesca | Shirley Lyons Photographer:Francesca | Kid made up for Pongal's festival Photographer:Francesca | Children's playing Photographer:Francesca | Children listening to the performers Photographer:Francesca | Girls performing Bollywood dancing Photographer:Francesca | The three bears play Photographer:Francesca | Isai Ambalam's school
07 Jan / 2011Program by:

lsai Ambalam school

Shirley Lyons tells us about her experience as an English teacher at Isai Ambalam school. This is a village school for Indian native children at the border of Auroville. Shirley explains how they use the Glenn Doman method, originally developed for children with learning disabilities, to help very young kids between the age of one and five, to learn English using cards and recognition tools. This program at the school is now three years old and Shirley is very proud of it. The school’s students have prepared a final recital in English for the Pongal’s vacation.


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