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Photographer:web facebook | Luciana Camargo Photographer:Lua | Samba de Roda workshop Photographer:Lua | Samba de Roda workshop Photographer:web facebook | Luciana Camargo Photographer:Maria Buzanovsky | Roda do Cais da Valongo Photographer:Imagens de Cultura Viva | Samba Photographer:web facebook | Luciana with Meste Joao Grande

Luciana Camargo

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Past week vibrant and energetic Luciana gracefully shared with the community workshop of Samba de Roda.
In conversation with her we find out how she has found the way to   Auroville which is the reflection of who she is, the life she lives, her life path …. in journey through India she connected with Samuka da India, capoeirsta here in Auroville, and one lead to another …. What is samba, what is capoeira… music, rhythm, life energy, awareness, freedom….

as one of capoeira songs says … “the capoeirsta is somebody who brings smile on his face, the ginga (swing) on his body, and the samba on his feet”…

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01 Feb / 2015

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Luciana Camargo
Samba de Roda workshop
Samba de Roda workshop
Luciana Camargo
Roda do Cais da Valongo
Luciana with Meste Joao Grande