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07 Sep / 2011Program by:
Featured: DavidLanguage: English

Luminosity – A Temple for Living

We are visiting the newly build community “Luminosity” which has started with the wish to create “A temple for living” for its inhabitants. It consists of twelve small apartments, eight offices, big communal areas on the roof and two roof gardens. David, one of the architects, is explaining the new systems that are used for waste water treatment and rain water harvest. The later will be able to provide enough water for all inhabitants of the building for the whole year. He also speaks about the use of alternative energies and new technologies.

Luminosity has been realized in three years by the effort of a team of architects and planners consisting of David, Ganesh, Nadja and Baskar. This talks were given by David for the participants of a workshop on sustainability. You can find “Luminosity” in the centre of Auroville close to the community “Creativity”.