Photographer:Amadea | MAdbeth and the queen(from audience) Photographer:Amadea | MAdbeth Photographer:Amadea | MAdbeth adn the king of Scotland (to be mrudered by Madbeth) Photographer:Amadea | supporitve audience Photographer:Amadea | intro in to the characters of the play Photographer:Amadea | Rupesh Tillu as Madbeth Photographer:Amadea | Madbeth
11 Feb / 2018Program by:
Featured: Rupesh TilluLanguage: English


The Remembering Veenapani Chawla festival at Adishakti Theatre presented last night a brilliant mono drama (comedy) by Rupesh Tillu from Mumbai.
Madbeth, drawing loose parallels to William Shakespeare’s famous Scottish play, propels us to another dimension through interactions with the audience, which meekly follows Madbeth’s instructions. A rebellious Madbeth tries to twist and turn the words in order to confuse the spectator, nominally following the vague flow of the play but wanders into free improvisations.
Accolades to Rupesh Tillu, who managed to create such a brilliant and hilarious mono comedy, as both actor and director using clown, improvisation, song and audience participation to build a seemingly new play with every performance.