Photographer:Kim | Henk's newest piece (Photographer: Kim)" rel="" /> Photographer:Kim | Henk van Putten presenting his art pieces<br />
Photographer:Kim | His astonishing piece of art (Photographer: Kim)" rel="" /> Photographer:Kim | Henk and me in his beautiful living room where he exhibits his and his wifes paintings and sculptures<br />
Photographer:Kim | (Photographer: Kim)" rel="" />
20 Jan / 2013Program by:
Featured: Henk van PuttenLanguage: English

Mainly Red exhibition

A beautiful Sunday could be spent in Henk’s living room at la Petit Ferme while marvelling at the exhibited sculptures and paintings by Henk and his wife Agnus. Henk who became an artist in 1968 has two reasons for this exhibition. On one hand it is dedicated to his wife who passed away two years ago and on the other it serves as a contribution for the new art gallery coming up at the Visitors Center in Auroville. Mainly Red is inspired by the power of the color red. The exhibition goes on until the 3rd of February and worth visiting.

In order to attain one of Henk’s or Agnus’s art pieces please visit:,, If you like to know more about the paintings and sculpture work of Henk please take a look at