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13 Jan / 2011Program by:
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Mandalas, Nation Soul…

As usual, also for this weekend we will have a chance to see a bunch of excellent films at Cinema Paradiso at Town Hall, at Sri Aurobindo Auditorium at Bharat Nivas and at Eco Film Club at Saddhana Forest. In the Pavilon of Tibetan Culture in International Zone will be an inauguration of Sarasija’s Mandala at 4.30 pm by Aurelio music and ceremony. At Unity Pavilion in International Zone will the third session on Exploration on Nation Soul at 2.30 pm. And for the fun part of Pongal weekend Well Cafe at Sve Dame prepared an Arabian Night on Saturday with some delicious food, followed by music.

One single spark of Thy sublime light, one single drop of Thy divine love, can transform this suffering into an ocean of delight. Prayers and MeditationsThe Mother