Photographer:Miriam | Suresh, Phoebe, Mishko, Matthew Photographer:Miriam | Suresh, Anna, Mishko, Matthew Photographer:Miriam | Anna Photographer:Miriam | Mishko and Matthew Photographer:Miriam | Anna and Mishko Photographer:Miriam | Mango pool
23 Oct / 2010Program by:

Mango Chill Out

Under the full moon, by the swimming pool, Auroville musicians Mishko M’Ba on bass, Matthew Littlewood at keyboards, Suresh on drums and Anna with Phoebe singing entertained audience, mostly coming from Pondicherry. With the promise of slow food dining, the evening was high spirited all night long more in the friendly atmosphere, and the tunes of jazz standards, and blues. But still, with some songs sung by Anna or Phoebe audience was caught by surprise, and the soft conversation would paused to listen to them. Mishko, Matthew and Suresh expressed again their endless aptitude to adapt at any situation, and master it with technical perfection.


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