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24 Feb / 2012Program by:
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Martenitsa and Meditation

At the occasion of the opening of the main hall of Unity Pavilion in the International Zone on 29th February, the visiting Bulgarian artists will start the Invocation for the Bulgarian Pavilion. Also in the morning and early afternoon, Antonia Duende will conduct a workshop on martenitsa. Activities of the Bulgarian artist will continue at different locations for different events, and will conclude with Urban Tao Ecocentric, a pantomime by Stojan Radev and the Overground Arts Alliance on March 10th at 8:00 pm, Bharat Nivas Auditorium.

The object of the yoga is to enter into and be possessed by the Divine Presence and Consciousness, to love the Divine for the Divine’s sake alone, to be tuned in our nature into the nature of the Divine, and in our will and works and life to be the instrument of the Divine. Its object is not to be a great yogi or a Superman (although that may come) or to grab at the Divine for the sake of the ego’s power, pride or pleasure. It is not for Moksha though liberation comes by it and all else may come, but these must not be our objects. The Divine alone is our object.Sri Aurobindo

About the Unity Pavilion
The most important idea is that the unity of the human race can be achieved neither by uniformity nor by domination or subjection. Only a synthetic organization of all nations, each one occupying its true place according to its own genius and the part it has to play in the whole, can bring about a comprehensive and progressive unification which has any chance of enduring. And if this synthesis is to be a living one, the grouping should be effectuated around a central idea that is as wide and high as possible, in which all tendencies, even the most contradictory, may find their respective places. . The first aim will therefore be to help the individuals to become aware of the fundamental genius of the nation to which they belong and at the same time to bring them in contact with the ways of life of other nations, so that they learn to know and respect equally the true spirit of all the countries of the world. For, in order to be real and workable, any world-organization must be based on this mutual respect and understanding between nation and nation as well as between individual and individual….Each nation would thus have a very practical and concrete interest in this cultural synthesis and could collaborate in the work by taking responsibility for the pavilion that represents it. The Mother