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Photographer:pritica | art work of the kids Photographer:pritica | art work of the kids Photographer:pritica | children at school Photographer:pritica | 13th annual day celebration Photographer:chethan | Meenakshi addresing the gathering Photographer:chethan | children at school

Mohanam Kindergaten Open House

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Mohanam Kindergarten Open House celebrated its 13th annual day  on 30th April at Sanjeevinagar. Educationist Meenakshi Akka addressed the gathering and shared her beautiful thoughts about education and culture. The celebration got more interesting with dance performance by the kindergarten students for various different Tamil songs, they also showcase the art works which were done by the students during the whole year. The celebration was a great success by the teachers and the parents.

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renu neogy May 08, 2016 Reply

Well done! Good job-
Can we try and bring up the volume on the stage speakers?

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06 May / 2016

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art work of the kids
art work of the kids
children at school
13th annual day celebration
Meenakshi addresing the gathering
children at school