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Mokoomba is one the most exciting bands to come out of Africa in the 21st century. This explosively talented six-man crew from northern Zimbabwe has toured over 40 countries on five continents. Zimbabwe’s best-known musical icons, Thomas Mapfumo and Oliver Mtukudkzi, exemplify the culture of the country’s Shona majority. But Mokoomba’s music is rooted in the Tonga, Luvale and Nyanja rhythms and melodies from Victoria Falls, where these six grew up together. Mokoomba’s signature sound is a mix of indigenous elements and influences from modern regional styles, such as Congolese soukous and South African vocal polyphony. The band’s kinetic, choreographed stage show is centered around mesmerizing lead singer Mathias Muzaza who can coo and croon, growl like a dancehall braggadocio, toss in falsetto and vibrato, or soar into his full-throated, leather-smooth tenor, reminiscent of Salif Keita.
Often ‘pan-African’ suggests a band that can’t settle on one particular style. This bunch, though, redefine the phrase, creating an irresistible – and coherent – mash-up of different styles that’s undeniably of the here and now.

Mokoomba – Njoka(Snake)
Mokoomba – Masangango
Mokoomba – Kum Kanda
Mokoomba – Ngikhumbula
Mokoomba on Small World Music
Mokoomba – Misozi
Mokoomba – Africa
Mokoomba – Nimukonda
Mokoomba ft Baaba Maal at HIFA 2013
Mokoomba – Trailer for their album Luyando
Mokoomba – Africa Festival Hertme 38
Mokoomba – Africa Festival Hertme 43
Mokoomba – Africa Festival Hertme 40
Gregor Salto and Mokoomba – Welele
Gregor Salto and Mokoomba – Umvundla
Gregor Salto & Mokoomba – Busie