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Mother's Q & A – 19 Oct 1955 Pt 1

Mother’s Questions and Answers, October 19, 1955, Part 1

From the last time, when Mother took us into the past for the development of Mental Man and then into the future for the development of Supramental Man, we are now brought into our own present, for our own development. Mother speaks about the regular rhythm of the movements of each thing in time, and how we can use them to help with our own spiritual progress. She also tells a child what the “Lotus of Knowlege and Perfection” is. This week we have the original French recording of the class where Mother is so kindly and lovingly and patiently teaching the children.



  • Priyanka Bose Mukhopadhyay

    Inniciative is good, I know Enlish, if I can also ge enlightened. May Mother Sri Aurobindo’s grace guide you all.


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