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Mother’s Q & A – 21/12/55

Mother’s Questions And Answers, December 21, 1955

Mother explains why it is necessary to do Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga in the Ashram as a collectivity. Each person has to do the yoga for the whole group because Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga is done for the transformation, and the totality of the transformation cannot take place through a single body. This ought to form a sufficient unity among all those who are doing it, so that they no longer feel the distinction of being separate. This is the ideal way of doing it. This way of doing Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga formed naturally and spontaneously soon after Mother came to live permanently with Sri Aurobindo, and once it started it is necessary to do it all the way to the end. Mother explains why people who want to come for their own individual progress should not come to the Ashram and she speaks of each person representing a particular difficulty which is their destiny to conquer. This week we have the original French tape recording of Mother’s class. It will play after the English translation.


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