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Mother's Q & A – 23/11/55

Mother’s Questions & Answers – November 23, 1955

Mother says that all forms of deity are forms of one Divine Reality. It is only the limited human consciousness that makes distinctions. She talks about what we call miracles, and explains that we are habituated to things in our life to the point that we cannot see that miracles are happening always and everywhere. If we had enough knowledge we could see behind the results which we perceive with our senses, and see the causes of things. Then we would see that there are non-material forces acting in our material, physical lives which create everything, including the things that we call miracles. Mother doesn’t speak of her own actions which people refer to as miracles or Divine Grace, but we have a few stories which people told about miracles that Mother did with and for flowers. This week we don’t have the original tape recording of Mother’s class.