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Mother's Q & A – 23/5/56

Mother’s Questions And Answers – May 23, 1956

This week Mother explains the difference between Yoga and Religion and tells a story about herself and a clergyman. She says that those who have a spiritual destiny will follow it within a religion or outside religion. Then she asks a lot of questions about the real sounds of very ancient Egyptian heiroglyphs. We also have two other conversations relating to this subject which were not held in the class. In the first conversation, Mother explains that she asked these questions because she cannot remember the sounds from her past lives, although she has no problem with visual memory. In that conversation she speaks of a vision she had of her past life as the mother of the Pharoah Amenhotep IV. In the second conversation she gives more details about her vision. Amenhotep IV changed his name to Akhenaton. He was very much under the influence of his mother and he moved the capital of Egypt to another place to found a city which was to be very much like Auroville.


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