Photographer:Loretta | Sri Aurobindo's Symbol in Mother's Symbol - Designed by Mother Photographer:Ashram Archives | Mother in her room, 22/1/60
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Mother's Q & A – November 9, 1955

Mother’s Questions and Answers, November 9, 1955

Mother speaks of the ego’s need to have the credit and the merit of all effort, whether one is an artist, a scientist or a yogi, and what happens if the ego doesn’t get what it wants. She also speaks of when the ego becomes an instrument of the Divine. She explains that each of is like a public square, unknowingly moved by universal forces which flow freely in and out, and what it takes to be free from all hostile forces. She explains the effect of determinisms coming from other planes into the physical plane. We have the original French recording of Mother’s class, with the rare good fortune of being able to hear Mother’s reading of the French translation of the Life Divine.


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