Photographer:Loretta | Sri Aurobindo's Symbol In Mother's Symbol - Designed By Mother Photographer:Ashram Archives | Mother, January 1960 Photographer:Tara Jauhar | Mother, 5/7/69
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Mother's Q and A 10/10/56

The Speed Of Transformation – First Condition for Realization

Mother reads something Sri Aurobindo wrote about the time it takes for each successive evolutionary step in the creation. She is illustrating how the new Supramental change will arrive faster than the preceding changes. She points out that it is necessary not to confuse a supramental transformation with the appearing of a new race. Then she says the time has come for some beings who have fulfilled the conditions necessary for spiritualization to be able to transform their bodies with the help of the new force. She gives the most essential, universal conditions for starting to realize this transformation.


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