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Mother's Q and A – 12/9/56, 19/9/56

Why We Do Not Practice, The Path Of Works, How To Love

Mother explains why people don’t practice what she says. She also explains that the main quality of our vital is power and energy, which justifies its refusal to surrender. Therefore our vital does not progress as quickly as the rest of our being. Mother says we should never stop loving. If we reject love in its lower form, usually we reject the only love we have and our heart dries up. Love with devotion, with self giving, without requiring a response. Love to give, not to get. You will advance in love. No matter in what form love comes, the best way is to go through its outer appearance in order to come to the divine principal behind which gives it existence – the Divine’s Love. There is also Mother’s physical, material experience of the Supramental force in her body.