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Mother's Q And A, 23/1/57

Mother gives three steps for us to follow to have the experience of Pure Delight, the Delight which is the reason our universe exists. It is always everywhere, at the heart of everything. If we follow this discipline, eventually we feel Delight of Being everywhere and in all beings and all things. It is like a canticle of joyous vibrations, and when it comes it seems that the whole universe is a marvelous harmony. This Delight fills all the cells of the body. When one succeeds in doing the three-step discipline for feeling pure Delight, it comes when one asks nothing, when it is simply self-giving and aspiration and the spontaneous need without any bargaining – the need to be Divine, thats all. Mother told the class that when she was speaking to them about the Delight in things, she was evoking this Delight. Even if you don’t understand French, you can hear it in her voice on the original French tape recording of Mother’s class. It will play automatically after the English translation.


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