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22 Jan / 2018Program by:

Mother's Q and A , 3/10/56, Part 2

The Universe Is New At Each Moment – Why Is A Child Prodigy Exceptional

Mother explains how the so-called “necessary and fixed laws of Nature” cannot really be fixed. She says we, ourselves are shutting the door to the free action of the Divine Grace. Because the universe is new at each moment of eternity, what we call miracles could have always happened to us but for our own attitude. She urges us to put as few barriers in the way of the possibilities to come now that the new force is coming more and more into the creation. Then we have something from one of Mother’s other classes, given on a different day, where she speaks about child prodigies and explains the reality of how they can do things which are not usual for them. She also explains how musicians can sometimes play exceptional music, far beyond their level of ability. The original tape recording of the class of 3/10/56 will play after the English translation. Unfortunately there is no recording of the other class.


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