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Mother's Q And A, 7/11/56, 7/14/56, Part 1

The Source Of Our Thoughts – Conquering The Need For Approval

Mother explains that we are all bathed in the forces of the universal mind which enter into us, pass through us, and enter others. There is a part of our mental force which remains ready to be used by the universal formative or creative power. We believe “our thoughts” are exclusively ours, but they are really coming from a place that we are rarely conscious of. They pass through everyone all the time. Mother also teaches that ideas have a higher origin than the individual mind and the universal mind. They are the universal principles on which the universes are built. When they descend they are clothed with mental substance. They act in the same way both in the universal mind and in the individual mind. Mother also speaks about how to conquer the desire to appear good in the eyes of other people – to want public approval. She says this is one of the first steps in the preparation to be able to enter on the path of Yoga.