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24 Dec / 2018Program by:
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Mother's Q And A, 9/1/57

Mother explains that the origin and the reality of our universe is the Delight of the perfect oneness of the creation with its Creator. Our ignorance of our Divine oneness comes from the division from our source and is the cause of all our suffering. Buddhism and the religions based on it believe that the Origin was desire to be, and desire creates suffering, so the way to stop suffering is to escape being and go into Nirvana, which is non-being. Mother teaches that the best way to escape suffering is to change the manifestation into its Divine reality of perfect Oneness. What is true in essence must necessarily become true in manifestation. She said she felt that our division from our source was an accident, and things could have been different – but it made the Divine Consciousness become Divine Love and plunge into the bottom of the inconscient so all the creation could return to oneness; therefore perhaps when it is all over, we will say it was good.


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