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Mother's Q & A – July 27, 1955 Pt 1

July 27, 1955
The First Part

In this class, in her answer to some of the questions, Mother explains how to concentrate the consciousness in different parts of the being. She speaks of the two particular places to concentrate the consciousness for doing Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga all the way through to transformation. These places are the location of the Psychic Being in the heart and the location of the peace, light and wideness of the Self above the head. The original French tape recording of the class will follow the English reading, so people can let the program go right into Mother’s teaching and hear how she gives this information.



  • Anshuman

    I tried listening to the recordings but it would go back to the start and continue playing the same thing over and over again with no trace of Mother’s recordings in french or english.

  • Andrea

    Dear Anshuman, here it looks fine. We can listen properly without any issues.
    It may happen that your internet connection is too slow to play directly from the website.
    You can download the recording and then play it from your computer.
    Please let us know.