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Mother’s Questions And Answers, April 3, 1957

Sri Aurobindo says the Spirit is the truth of our being, and mind, life and body must be perfected in order to bear the strong spiritual inrush which will transform us into spiritual beings. All religions are a partial God-vision, and a great thing would be done if all these partial God-visions could cast themselves into each other to form a wholeness. Mother explains this can be done if we rise above the mental consciousness to find the idea behind the thought. Then these things can be harmonized and synthesized.

Sri Aurobindo says we need a “sustained and all-comprehending effort at spiritual self-evolution”. It will bring the spiritual revolution that leads us into humanity’s next evolutionary cycle. Mother says it is a new life that must be created. It is a new consciousness which must be expressed.

The introduction to today’s class has Sri Aurobindo and Mother’s detailed explanations of what Falsehood really is, and exactly what hostile beings are, where they come from, and what they do to us, and how we can become free from their influence.

If you have any questions, please email them to us at the Radio and we will find the answers for you in Sri Aurobindo and Mother’s books.

The original tape recording of Mother’s French class will play after the English translation.


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