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Mother's Questions & Answers

Mother’s Questions & Answers
July 20, 1955

This week Mother answers, among the questions put to her; questions on seeking after the impersonal, how to escape from other people’s influence, how to give oneself to the Divine and therefore to have the Divine give Himself to you, and what is the Impersonal Divine. When Mother speaks about the Impersonal Divine, she explains about the concept of Nirvana. An interesting coincidence is that the readings from Savitri, which will be broadcast around the same time as this broadcast, are from Book VII, The Book of Yoga, Canto VI, Nirvana and the Discovery of the All-negating Absolute. In the last two-thirds of this canto, which will each be broadcast in turn, Sri Aurobindo describes his own experience of Nirvana in detail.
After the English reading of the July 20, 1955 Questions and Answers, the original tape recording of Mother’s class in French will be played.


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