Photographer:web | Amphitheatre in Matrimandir, Friday at 4.45am Photographer:web | Sri Aurobindo Photographer:web | bonfire Photographer:Renu | R. Khannan Photographer:web | Juliette Katz at Sve-dame on Saturday at 8.30pm Photographer:Andrea | Jan V.Vanek and Estelle Koluda tomorrow at Unity Pavilion Photographer:web | Town Hall morning
11 Aug / 2014Program by:

Music, Bonifre

Tomorrow 7.30 pm at Unity Pavilion in IZ musical dialogue will be going on presented & led by visiting guest artists: Jan.V. Vanek, Estelle Koluda. On Friday August 15th, 6.00 pm at ARKA Australian leading sacred music duo Kim Cunio and Heather Lee are offering music concert at the occasion of Sri Aurobindo Birthday and Independence of India day. Saturday 16th at Svedame 8pm Cedric Verdure Comic, 8.30pm Juliette Katz Singer and Ben Benoliel Guitarist. On Thursday at 3pm at Auroville Bamboo Center Presentation on Bamboo by Kamesh Salam.

The true love for the Divine is self-giving, free of demand, full of submission and surrender. It makes no claim, imposes no condition, strikes no bargain, indulges in no violences of jelaousy or pride or anger for these things are not in its composition,
The Words of The Mother, Vol. 14

“There is only one element in life which is worth having at any cost-and it is love. Love immense (sic) and infinite, broad as the sky and deep as the ocean this is the one great gain in life. Blessed is he who gets it? (swami Vivekananda)


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