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11 Jan / 2011Program by:
Language: English

Music, play, exhibition….

This time of the year is always busy with so many events in the town that sometimes it makes it hard do choose between things one might like. Well, tonight we will witnessed great music event – concert about Contemporary Compositions in Sound at Pitanaga at 8pm with guest artists Maarten Visser on saxophones, Robbert Van Hulzen on drums and Holger Jetter on electric bass violin. And not far by Unsexed – Seduction of Lady Anne from Shakespeare play Richard III, directed by Parnab Mukherjee will occur at Jill’s house at Prarthna. Tomorrow at Visitor Centre Bubble Suite, play for kids and adults by Andju will excite our imagination.

O LOVE, Divine Love, Thou fillest my whole being and overflowest on every side. I am Thyself even as Thou art I, and I see Thee in each being, each thing, from the soft breath of the passing breeze to the glorious sun which gives us light and is a symbol of Thee.O Thou whom I cannot understand, in the silence of the purest devotion I adore Thee.The MotherPrayers and Meditations

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