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Mystic Meeting

Last Sunday in a pool outside of Auroville, AV’s reputation for encouraging synchronicity succeeded in facilitating an artistic reunion of 3 accomplished performers. After catching up, all three musicians quickly realized they were available to perform on the same day as India’s Republic Day, at 7.30pm for an hour at Arka. Mystical Meetings’ concert began with Iraqi Oud virtuoso and singer, Anwar Abudragh, who quickly created a soothing ambience of subtle melodies transferring a packed audience to the Middle East and gently bringing us back.

Dr Kim Cunio, researcher/performer sang, played a harmonium and eloquently shared mysticals details of each song’s origin, whilst accompanying Heather Lee, soprano, who effortlessly filled the venue with a powerful display of rich vocals that easily convinced the audience to request more. In closing, Anwar was invited to join Kim and Heather again to accompany a closing of what simply unravelled itself to be a superb performance all round.

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