Photographer:Miriam | Kalki Photographer:Miriam | Kalki, Roja, Sandiya Photographer:Miriam | Kalki, Jill, Roja, Sandiya
20 Jun / 2011Program by:


We had a rare opportunity to interview Kalki, main actress in new and unique Tamil film , done by two women – director Vijaya Padma and producer ‘Punnagai Poo’ Geetha. This film brings on screen the feelings of the third sex in a realistic way. As Kalki says Love is the thing that connect us all, and for any individual the most important factor is to accept oneself, and embrace with love. During her living in Auroville she felt lots of love, and it has been a life school to her in many ways.

Thirunangai (Tamil) – respectable women Narthaki(Tamil) – dance