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04 Jan / 2012Program by:
Featured: KrishnaLanguage: English

New Birth and Lively Up

When the cyclone is on its way there’s nothing a farmer can do. He can’t evacuate crops. Krishna from Solitude says amongst others that now is the time to understand destruction, it is time for new birth, where we can make a step forward and what have been destroyed can be rebuild better, with more vision, more intelligence…a new birth…Krishna knows that it will take them three months before they will get some crops rotating again, and a year to get back to the level that things normally going on. But “you smile and go the best you can..”

Lively Up Your Earth – eco, music festival 2012 is still going on on 28th of January, and this year it will have a profound meaning, it will be the time for community to come together and celebrate. All the participants – musicians, food stalls, eco stalls, farm market…..will be there for the whole day…lets enjoy TOGETHER