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30 Aug / 2011Program by:
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New Category

In todays’ news we feature short interview with Bascar, who volunteers with Auroville Film Festival 11 team as technical support. Over seventy films are in for the reviewing, and need to be categorize and prepared for screening at the Festival. In the team they realized that there are some films which do not fit into any category but it would be nice to see them anyway. Ganesh Chaturthi Day is on Thursday, the 1st of September. Everyone is welcome at the Ganesh temple of Auroville, from 9.30 to 11 am.

To feel hurt by what others do or think or say is always a sign of weakness and proof that the whole being is not exclusively turned towards the Divine, not under the divine influence alone. And then, instead of bringing with oneself the divine atmosphere made of love, tolerance, understanding, patience, it is one’s ego that throws itself out, in response to another’s ego, with stiffness and hurt feelings, and the disharmony is aggravated. The ego never understands that the Divine has different workings in different people and that to judge things from one’s own egoistic point of view is a great mistake bound to increase the confusion. What we do with passion and intolerance cannot be divine, because the Divine works only in peace and harmony.
The Mother (Words of the Mother – II, 2004 ed., p. 279)

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