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20 Feb / 2009Program by:

Newcomers Reception #2

Last Friday a reception for Newcomers took place at SaraCon, which is the second of such events, part of the contemporary; Newcomers Program. All Newcomers were invited. Aurovilians Chandresh from SaraCon, Orly from Well Paper, Anandi from KOFPU, Aurelio from Svaram were in attendance. In the evening a drum and dance performance was performed by some youngsters from Svaram. To listen to an excerpt of this meeting please click PLAY, or click here to download it.

Newcomers Reception is one of the activities of the innovative ‘Newcomers Program’ organized by Newcomers for Newcomers, with input and guidance from a few long-time Aurovilians. These activities are intended to facilitate Newcomers in meeting people, obtaining information, finding work and housing, participating in community activities as well as exploring the spiritual aspects of living in Auroville. The organizing team consists of Shivaya, Raghu, Sandyra, Kati, Yong and Karthik. There is a series of 10 to 15 of such events organized througout this year.

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