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German News from Auroville

In dieser Ausgabe lassen wir Christian zu Wort kommen. Er erstellt einen Pfad fr Waldlufer mit allerlei interessanten Informationen. Auerdem haben sich die Regeln fr Besucher des Matrimandir gendert und wie blich haben wir auch die wchentlichen Veranstaltungstipps fr euch. Direktverknpfung mit den deutschen Nachrichten For English translation of this text press "read more" '

In this issue Christian presents his latest project: he is preparing a forest train near New Lands, with a lot of interesting information on trees and stuff. Furthermore, the regulations for visiting Matrimandir have changed, and we have this week's recommendations for cultural events and cinema for you

Comments: 0 Date: 16 Nov 2006

Matrimandir Update – Luca

Luca, originally from Italy,'works since 1985 at the Matrimandir and is since a few years'in charge of the water system. In this interview he talks about the computerised irrigation system that automatically senses and calculates the quantity of water that has to be utilised in the gardens during various moments of the day/year. Luca lavora dal 1985 alla realizzazione del Matrimandir e da qualche anno e' in carico al sistema idrico dell'intero complesso. In questa intervista ci illustra lo stato dei lavori nella messa in opera del sistema di irrigazione computerizzato che gestisce la giusta quantita' d'acqua da spruzzare nei giardini. The interview in English can be downloaded by clicking here. Clicca per scaricare la versione italiana dell'intervista.

Comments: 0 Date: 03 Aug 2006

Matrimandir Update – Gerard

"Gérard travelled overland with the first caravan from France, arriving in Auroville in late 1969. He planned to stay for one year, “but then I met Mother”. His first work was planting trees around Aspiration and helping construct the school. When the Matrimandir excavation began, he was one of a small group of Aurovilians who turned up every morning to crowbar the rock-hard laterite. He remained working at Matrimandir for the next 20 years." - From Auroville Today Gérard returned in 2003 and he started to work in Matrimandir. We met him under the shade of a Cassia Fistula tree where he spoke about the ongoing works of Matrimandir.

Comments: 0 Date: 13 Jul 2006

Matrimandir Update – Gilles

During a windy summer day Gilles give us an update, under the Banyan tree, of the status of the work at Matrimandir inside and outside.' ' ' ' ' '

Comments: 0 Date: 10 Jun 2006

Weekly News

In this week’s English news we have an interview with our new secretary Sri M. Ramaswamy I.A.S. (pictured), followed by comments from various Aurovilians on site to greet him for the first time. Mr. Ramaswamy, a Tamilian gentleman, speaks about land consolidation within the city area as a main priority and requests Aurovilian co-operation.' Another interview, with Jean-Claude, speaking about his research on Auroville and a clarification of the roots and spiritual meaning of the term Utopia. AuroAsha, our colleague at AurovilleRadio, gave birth to a delightful baby daughter Thursday morning 9 November.' Congratulations Asha and Sanjay. '

Also in the news: - the next Auroville birthday 21 February 2007, is announced as the completion of Matrimandir. - call for a General Meeting for final discussion and feedback on the proposed overall policy for organization in Auroville. News from Auroville is broadcast every hour via the World and City channels, here are the schedules.

Comments: 0 Date: 10 Nov 2006

Matrimandir Update – Andy

Long-time Aurovilian Andy (pictured) , originally from Germany,'is involved in the Matrimandir work since the 70's. In this interview he explains us why the Matrimandir outer skin'had to be're-applied and also gives an overview of the work activities inside the structure, which are proceeding very well. Presently the main focus is on solving some technical challenges regarding the inner skin lighting, the ramps steps and the glass railings on them. The interview in English can be downloaded by clicking here.

Comments: 0 Date: 25 Jul 2006

Matrimandir Update – Alain

Alain Grandcolas arrived in Auroville in 1971 after being in the Ashram to participate in the organization of the excavation of the Matrimandir. 36 years later we meet him in front of the Matrimandir and more precisely in front of Power, one of the 12 gardens that will surround the spiritual center of the town. The English version is broadcast in the weekly news. Alain Grandcolas arriva Auroville en 1971 après un sjour l'ashram, pour participer l'organisation de l'excavation du matrimandir. 36 ans après, nous le rencontrons devant la maquette de "Pouvoir", l'un des douze jardins qui vont faire le tour du centre de la ville.

Comments: 0 Date: 29 Jun 2006

Matrimandir Update – Aryamani

Aryamani, originally hailing from Brazil, joined Auroville in the late seventies and presently takes care, along with a team of other Aurovilians, of the access for visitors to Matrimandir. In this programme, she explains the current visiting arrangements as well as possible regulations for future access to the Matrimandir chamber, the gardens and the meditation rooms in the petals. And there is always the question of who will be entitled to enter the Chamber after Matrimandir's completion in February 2007? The interview in English can be downloaded by clicking here.

Comments: 0 Date: 31 Aug 2006

Matrimandir Update – Pashi

Pashi Kapur came to Auroville at its very beginning and, after a long pause, came again in the year 2000. Today he coordinates the work at Aurofuture and also some of the work at Matrimandir. He tells us of the status of the work at the Matrimandir, inside and outside, about the'progress of the gardens (the Bliss Garden'for example), and insures us that almost everything will be ready for'the Mother’s birthday next year,'February 21st 2007, the day of the inauguration of Matrimandir. ' The interview in English can be downloaded by clicking here.

Comments: 0 Date: 18 Jul 2006

Matrimandir Update – Pierre

At the lowest point of the Matrimandir, where the ray of the sun will pass through the hole under the crystal to shine in a marble pond, we meet Pierre. We are in the very center of Auroville "a beam of light". Pierre tells us of the status of the work of the petals and the pond. Pierre is a trained physician who came in Auroville to work on the marble of the Matrimandir. The atmosphere is full of dust due the grinding machine and all the workers around us are fully concentrated in their duty. The interview in French can be downloaded clicking here.

Comments: 0 Date: 22 Jun 2006
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