Photographer:Jay Sathya | Pushkar passionately plays Photographer:Jay Sathya | Softyly prepararing to change the mood Photographer:Jay Sathya | Tinkering bird sounds Photographer:Maryliz | Sepia image of Pushkar playing Photographer:Maryliz | Pushkar explains his next piece Photographer:Maryliz | Final achknowledgement Photographer:Maryliz | Backstage
17 Dec / 2018Program by:

Night Music – Bird Songs and Other Pieces on Piano played by Pushkar Carlotto

On Saturday, 15 December at CRIPA, Pushkar Carlotto once again filled our experience with the full sounds of the CRIPA grand piano transforming his fingering into night time bird calls and other night sounds as imagined by various composers.

The croud hung on the transitions from soft, dreamy and light to pounding, loud and scary.
Pushkar enjoyed sharing with the audience salient information about the composers and their styles for the pieces he would play. For the sake of pure listening we have edited out all but the music. Enjoy!
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“Enchanted by colours and luminosity, my musical style, though Western in origin and infused with Indian flavours, wants to find a deeper sense, to outgrow, maybe even transcend its own physical boundaries.” ~ Pushkar Carlotto