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12 Sep / 2018Program by:
Featured: Nina SenguptaLanguage: English

Nina Sengupta Sees Films as an Instument of Social Change

Nina is an ecologist and film aficionado and has been associated with the MMC Cinema Paradiso since its inception. Her love of film goes back to her early college years as an international student, where she began regular screenings as a form of communication.


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  • Nina

    Thank you so much Mary, Naveen and Sangeetha and your respective teams: I would like to add that… the fuel to my enthusiasm with films was provided in my high-school years. I owe it my special group of school friends, and the encouragement of art and theater that was the norm in Calcutta at the time including having an active People’s Theater group and creation of Nandan – allowing screening of small and independent films. The interest remained in my college years in India. It became my means of communication as an international grad student in the later years.