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Nina's interview on her book

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After her presentation at the Freeland bookshop Nina gave us a special interview on her book explaining where, how and why “Organic food marketing in urban centres of India”.
She is actually in Auroville working at Solitude farm to get some practical farming experience. She finds that Auroville would need help to know how to manage more successfully organic food in order to make it more available. She also finds Auroville is a great place to learn because of the amount of organic farms and the good eco system it offers.

Through her research and knowledge about organic food marketing and more she would be pleased to meet people and consult aurovillian farmers in this sense as she also works as a freelance consultant.
She studied at University of Freiburg, Germany as a Geographer and came to work on a research project in Hyderabad in 2009 and got stuck in India till now. Nina Osswald practises what she preaches about organic food, sustainable living and reducing ecological footprint.

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Usha Thakur Aug 03, 2014 Reply

Trying to sell organic in the same way as retail sector will have a lot of limitations. Like in North America n I suppose Europe it is important to network with other segments of the wellness movement or industry so there is synergy n increased awareness. Regards Usha

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Organic farms are good for your health
Organic book by Nina