Photographer:Andrea | Starting point of the Auroville's 8th Marathon Photographer:Andrea | 8 ditribution point of fresh water and food Photographer:Andrea | Drinking after the arrival Photographer:Andrea | Runners from Chennai Photographer:Andrea | more than 4000 meals were prepared and given Photographer:Andrea | Waiting for the rice, pongal and vadae Photographer:Andrea | Andi Martens at the arrival of the full marathon

NNF – Not Negative Feedback !

This is the biggest and most welcome event happening in Auroville.
During the years the slogan “Run for the joy of Running” became a tangible fact. Everibody is happy. Asking questions to members of the community, volunteers, runners you will get the same feedback: Beautifully organized. Beautiful place. Perfect. From my side I can say that is a pleasure to go around interviewing people who appreciates the efforts of the organizing team and Auroville as community.
The Auroville’s 8th Marathon was a success.




  • Prabir Kumar Bhaumik

    Many thanks to Auroville Marathon Committee for completing the wonderful job,congrats to all participent.

  • SampathKumar

    When and where would the pics and results be posted?