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No Rest In The Kingdom @ Adishakti Theatre

On Sunday 4th February we witnessed the exhilarating show No rest in the Kingdom at the Adishakty theater, a journey into subtly entrenched mysoginism in the fabrics of society and glaringly obvious sexism that usually stays behind closed doors.
A story told through the eyes of 4 human characters and a cat, all well played by the talented Deepika Arwind, who also wrote and directed the piece.
Some exceptional attention to detail is displayed in clearly transforming into each character and this means that the story is both easy to follow and relate to. It is both hilarious and traumatic at various different points. The comedy the relief to allow the space to delve into such a deep and difficult part of our human experience.
“No Rest in the Kingdom has made people laugh a lot, sometimes as they feel distressed and uncomfortable, ask questions of each other, and generally find a way in to talk about the gendered aggressions they see around them. It did start out to be a conversation through performance, and that’s what has been most interesting to watch” as she sad about the show.

The set was simple, with just one stool and simple but effective use was made of sound and lighting to maintain the focus on these exceptionally interesting three dimensional characters. The show culminates in a bombastic female rap.

This show has previously showed in South and North Bangalore.