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Noel Talks about Japanese Garden GoFundMe Campaign

Today we hosted Noel in our studio in conversation on Japanese Garden at Botanical Garden, on which him and Jyoti Naoki are working past few years. Jyoti is working on design of the garden, while Noel is working on the garden itself, and trying to raise needed founds. As he mentioned, in Japanese culture to create a garden is more in spiritual concept than just creating a garden, and one need to be close with nature to put everything it its place; yet gardens are highly esthetical , made in beauty with symbolics elements , which are the qualities of millennium long traditions of Japanese culture.

They are now at the stage where they need significant funding for the next phase of work, which includes the center piece of the garden – a Tea Pavilion, named the Pavilion of Silent Reflection, which will be a central place for various Japanese and Asian cultural activities, and a shady place to meditate in the garden. They also need funds for a larger Stone Garden which will feature large boulders and smaller pebbles placed in the traditional Japanese landscaping way. In addition, funds for several more ponds, plants, and the completion of the pathways are needed.

GoFundMe campaign


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