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28 Jul / 2016Program by:
Featured: AurovilleLanguage: English

Nomination Time, RAS helps

ARA core group invites us on Wednesday 3rd of August at 4pm at Unity Pavilion to the first ARA meeting after some months of researching into the “Housing” and the “Decision Making Process” issues.

The RAS team is happy to welcome you every morning (Monday till Friday) from 10 am till 12 noon from now onwards.Their office is located on the 1st floor in Town Hall next to the Land Board office.Exceptionally our office will be open additionally Monday till Thursday (1st till 4th of August) next week to allow you to get some help to nominate the candidate for the Selection Process if you cannot access online.

On Saturday 30th at 10am at Unity Pavilion last lecture of Dr. Sehdev Kuma on Being&Consciousness – Stepping into the Light of Freedom : Vision of Kabir & Mira:

The true purpose of life – to live for the Divine, or to live for the Truth, or at least to live for one’s soul. And the true sincerity – to live for the Divine without expecting any benefit from Him in return.
The Words of The Mother, Vo. 14


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