Photographer:S. Praneeth Simon | People gearing up for the tug of war event during the event. Photographer:S. Praneeth Simon | Girl looks at the unity flag board. Photographer:S. Praneeth Simon | Hanging wish paper. Photographer:S. Praneeth Simon | People participating in the Bamboo Dance. Photographer:S. Praneeth Simon | Musical performance by Thaddeus Tripp during the dinner time. Photographer:S. Praneeth Simon | People gather during the Full Moon and bonfire celebrations.

North East Asian Pavilion First Full Moon Festival

The North East Asia Group organised First Full Moon Festival here in Auroville on Friday.

The evening marked the celebration of the first full moon of the 2018 lunar calendar with several events taking place at Inuskuk, Pavilion of the Tibetan Culture spreading the message of Unity.

This is how we celebrate says one of the member making a Thunggg sound (kickstarting the event) with the Shaman Drum while the gathering release the flowers in the air. There we go she says to the left, right and straight — Skip, Dance and make a wish. These were the events for that hour. Irrespective of age everybody took part in the activities focusing mainly on the strength of ‘Unity’ among all.

Now, over hundred people form of huge circle dancing on the song, ’We are the people and then head towards the Dining area with some live music.

The evening celebrations were categorized into three with Collective Activity, Asian Cuisine Dinner and Collective Dance. The Collective Activity had events like hanging wish paper, bamboo dance, creating unity flag, tug of war and peace dance. During the Asian Cuisine Dinner time, Thaddeus Tripp song, North East Asian live music, Chinese poem on moon, choir ‘Auro Arirang’, Tamil group dance and song, Kyudo demonstration were performed.

The event concluded with bonfire & circle dance, moment with moon, sky lantern under the Collective Dance category.

Musicians: Micheal & Dhani