Photographer:Archives | Aspiration 1978- in which everyone shaved their head for fun. Photographer:Archives | Aspiration 1978 - Photographer:1981 Mme Zhivkova (Bulgaria) and Mr Nigam (Av's first Administrator prior to the Foundation) | bhaga 1979 Photographer:Archives | 79-80 MM Bon-fire in the mornings Photographer:Archives | Matrimandir 1979-80
29 May / 2015Program by:
Featured: Wazo and RenuLanguage: English

Off the Cuff-30

Renu and Wazo talk about: services and the way forward, the Health needs of our aging population and its costs, (we have more than 300 persons that are over sixty), the latest money received for changing the asbestos roofing, a vibrational breakthrough with regard to the issue of moderation and so many other subjects about everything and nothing.
Auroville Archives; Images taken by various people.


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