Photographer:Miriam | From left: Andrea, Renu, Wazo Photographer:Miriam | Off the Cuff Crew Photographer:Miriam | From Right: Wazo, Renu, Andrea
31 Jul / 2015Program by:
Featured: RenuLanguage: English

Off the Cuff-37

Renu, Wazo and Andrea this week are…. NOT OKAY- We discuss how the shameless domination of money, which is continuously maintained by pragmatic arguments, (based on fear and separation), are insulting our ideals, polluting the atmosphere and delaying what we are ALL longing for and came to create. Renting space in Auroville to newcomers for personal profit should not be tolerated any longer. It goes against the very core of what Auroville wants to be.



  • Off-the-Cuff Fan Club New York

    Awesome!!!! Inspiring!!!! I wished everyone in AV listen to Off-The-Cuff-37! Andrea, Madame Renu & Wazo, you guys are making a difference. Some of us are listening. Go Johnny go, go. Communities should accept new people in AV not EG!

  • Andrea

    Thanks Off-the-Cuff Fan Club New York ! 😉
    I’m waiting Madame Renu going to Fertile to listen what Johnny have to share.
    We can’t continue in such way, denying the ideals who made move us here…

  • Renu

    Johnny is recovering from a fall and broken femur in gingee- here the Auroville miracle came alive with the ambulance and a whole team coming to his rescue …

    • Andrea

      OMG !
      All my love to Johnny for a fast and safe recovery !

  • Amando&Dhani

    Sending lots of positive thoughts his way for a speedy recovery. We love Johnny!!


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