Photographer:Miriam | From left: Andrea, Renu & Wazo | your opinion was due yesterday | Feedback on Building, People, Policies etc
07 Aug / 2015Program by:
Featured: RenuLanguage: English

Off the Cuff-38

In this session we scan the various reports and requests for feed-back. Did you know the average Avlian is expected to give feedback (often within two weeks) on a vast variety of topics such as; Buildings, People joining Auroville, Policies, Organization changes, Economics, Avenir Plans, Legal status and more … not counting the various surveys and questionnaires. Update on Johnny’s adventure, and reminders on upcoming events at the Botanicle Gardens Celebration, Youth Link Festival of Ideas, Sante therapies center, Sludge update … And our new feature installed allowing you to leave an audio message for Auroville on the Auroville Radio website!


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  • OTC Fan Club New York

    Great news that Johnny was taken care of and is now recuperating. That’s a wonderful thing about Auroville, we help each other.
    As always, a great Off the Cuff radio programming. Can’t wait to see you all in February. I will make a contribution then. You made my day! Thank you.


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